"The Simple Life"

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Greg and Karen Williams have gone back to basics in their live. The Williams’ and their daughter live in what once was a commune in Burkesville. Now they make their way with nature.
Greg built a two-room house in the late '70s, soon after he and some friends purchased grounds. Now he and his family are the only people left there, and Greg has adds three new rooms to his domicile. Greg's livelihood has him filling orders for looms. He takes his craft to local trade shows, earning money for certain necessities. He also delivers the Louisville Courier-Journal on Sunday.
Karen, meanwhile, sells and trades carpets, rugs and shawls at the craft shows. Karen also finds time to raise herbs and spices and grows vegetables in her half-acre garden.
Inside the Williams' home one can see all wooden furniture, including chairs and tables which Greg built. Heat is supplied by a wood stove and large windows let in as much sunlight as possible. Otherwise, there is no electricity or plumbing in the house. All hygene worries are taken care of outdoors. The shower has solar-heated water which is held in a black bag over a tree limb. The water trickles through a shower nozzle without much pressure.

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